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The Conflict Dynamics Profile - A new assessment to help manage workplace conflict

Most people view conflict in the workplace as a bad thing. When asked to describe conflict, most people use negative words. They often indicate that they prefer to avoid dealing with it when possible, hoping the conflict will eventually go away.

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The True Cost of Recruitment

A recent investigation into the costs of premature turnover estimate that if an employee were to voluntarily leave or be dismissed from a position within 12 months of commencing, the subsequent cost would be at least two-thirds of their annual salary.

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What are the Effects of Coaching on Test Performance?

At ACER, we are often asked if we have tests which candidates may practise before they take part in actual recruitment testing sessions. There is no doubt that exposure to certain test formats can increase a candidate’s confidence in applying past learning and current skills to answering test items.

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Majors PTI: Team-Building Application

The Majors’ Personality Type Inventory is an excellent resource for use with an organisation in conducting a team building exercise.

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